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Download CGI Animated Short : Student Academy Award Winning "PeckPocketed" by Kevin Herron

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    CGI Animated Short : Student Academy Award Winning "PeckPocketed" by Kevin Herron

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    2 : 19

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    CGI, Animated, Short, :, Student, Academy, Award, Winning, "PeckPocketed", by, Kevin, Herron,

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    10:22am 18th Sep 2013

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Watch this funny and beautifully animated short by the talented Kevin Herron! A film about a bird desiring a luxury home, and seizes the opportunity one day when an old lady falls asleep at the park. For more detailed information about this film, please visit the links below: Designed, produced, and created at Ringling College by Kevin Herron, class of 2013. Kevin's Official Youtube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/KevinHerronArt Kevin's Blog - http://kevinherronart.blogspot.com/ Ringling College of Art and Design - http://www.ringling.edu/ Ringling College Presents, "Peck Pocketed" A short film by Kevin Herron Sound Effects by Dione Tan Music by Carlos Martin 2013 Student Academy Award winner in the Animation Category, Shown at the Traverse City Film Festival Best of Ringling, 2013 ┬ęKevin Herron + Ringling College 2013 All Rights Reserved

TheCGBros CGI VFX FX 3D Computer Animation (Industry) PeckPocketed 2013 Student Academy Award winner Kevin Herron CGI Animated Short HD:


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